How investing in a van can earn you money

What if you could earn money by investing in a B-Van? Of course, you considered buying this little home on wheels for your upcoming adventures and to feed your sense of wanderlust, but what if at the same time, you could turn this new acquisition into a reliable financial investment?


Yes, it is absolutely possible!


Modern interior build made by Bemyvan in a camper van

New 2023 B-Van built by Bemyvan



Your B-Van is a unique investment. It combines the practicality of an adventure van and the luxurious interior design of a tiny house.


Fully equipped for off-grid traveling, with its electrical and water system, as well as its Wi-Fi booster and Satellite Internet, your B-Van is a perfect living home on wheels to travel and live self-sustainably. Because of its rarity and its ease of use, this one-of-a-kind investment can bring you money in return, in addition to your personal enjoyment. Double the pleasure!


Comfortable bed in a camper van built by Bemyvan for vanlifers

New 2023 B-Van built by Bemyvan


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This article explores practical and creative ways for you to invest in your B-Van.




Glamping in a B-Van


It has become a luxurious trend to “glamp” in non-conventional lodgings, such as a deluxe tent with outdoor amenities, a suspended tree house in a National Forest, or a tiny house on an Alpaca farm. People are seeking some newness and excitement, as long as they still benefit from all the comfort and security a reliable accommodation can provide.





Glamping /ˈɡlæmpɪŋ/: glamorous camping

To go camping, with nontraditional accommodations that include some of the comforts and luxuries of a home. This includes tents, yurts, domes, tree houses, tiny houses, adventure vans, etc.




Modern van kitchen in promaster for cooking off-grid

New 2023 B-Van built by Bemyvan



Will you be using your B-Van full-time? If not, consider renting it out as a guest house!


The renting prices you could get out of your modern stylish guest house would certainly be higher than a regular hotel room or even an apartment, because of how unique and thus sought after it is, compared to regular lodgings (that are hence devaluated).


To give you a brief idea, the average price in the US for glamping is around $125 (and can go up to $3,000 per night!).



Lia working on her bed of her B-Loft built by Bemyvan


💰 For your B-Van, you could aim for a daily price range around $150 to $300. 💰



If you live in a city, your B-Van would be a great fit for people seeking autonomy and simplicity, inside an urban environment that can be at times overwhelming.


If you live in the countryside, you offer a comfortable outdoor experience for campers willing more comfort and space than a camping tent, without having to be constrained in a hotel room cut off from nature.


Camper van with awning at Red Rock Canyon with Bemyvan

B-Home Hazel


Elevate any outdoor experience!


If you have a backyard for your new trendy guest house, think about all the amenities you can add, to bring up value to your renting investment! Here are some examples:



  • Roll out your awning, set up camping chairs, and have a little fire pit on the side for barbecue afternoons!
  • Bring out your video projector, lay down a few beanie bags on the grass, and enjoy a cinema session under the stars!
  • Invest in a rooftop deck with two sun loungers, for drinks and fresh appetizers at sunsets!
  • Use the kitchen as a little outdoor bar for cocktail parties!


View from the camper van to the West Coast California beach




You would probably want to be the first to benefit from these installations. The good news is, you choose which period you’d like to rent your B-Van, and when you reserve it for yourself, your family, and friends!


Here are some online platforms for you to rent your B-Van as a guest house:



This type of investment has the advantage of conserving the mileage of your vehicle exclusively for your road trips.




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Traveling in a B-Van


When do you plan on traveling with your B-Van? If you use it only for vacations, a few months a year, or on weekends, would you rather have it sit in your garage the rest of the time? Or invest it as a campervan rental?


Girl cheering with two vans Sprinter and ProMaster built by Bemyvan

B-Van Tristan built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van



More and more people are attracted to hitting the road in a beautiful and practical build, without necessarily being willing to invest time or money to buy one. That is why renting your B-Van as a recreational vehicle can be a good additional wage for your income.




Why a B-Van?


  • Tourists are seeking more autonomy and freedom when they travel without having to systemically depend on hotels, restaurants, or even campgrounds. Your B-Van is made to go anywhere off-the-grid, no need for campground hookups. You are free!


  • Compared to a classic RV, your B-Van has the benefit of being more compact and versatile, yet with plenty of space inside to live in. Perfect for a road trip without constraints.



💰 A good starting rental price for a fully converted vehicle would be $200-300 per night. 💰


Wonderful cozy interior build with equipped kitchen to travel with Bemyvan

B-Home Louise



B-Van owners, your home on wheels will be sought for its compact size, and discrete modern design. And if your build includes an indoor shower or a remote workstation, as for all of what’s rare, it will be more coveted!



Examples of online platforms to rent your B-Van as a recreational vehicle:





–>>  Bemyvan is offering rentals too! 🚐 💨


Remi ram promaster van rental with Gocamp


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Renting a B-Van for special events




How many times have you found yourself at a festival or at a special weekend event, wishing you had:


  • Clean toilets to use, anytime, without having to wait in line
  • A private shower to clean yourself, at your convenience
  • A kitchen to store and cook your own meals, with fresh and healthy food
  • A lovely couch to chill out on or welcome friends over
  • A closed indoor environment, cut off from the noise outside, as well as from the gusts of wind, dust, and rain
  • An air-conditioned room and some fresh water, to cool down from the hot weather
  • USB outlets to charge your phone (or any other devices)
  • A secure place to store your valuables
  • Plenty of storage space to bring all your equipment (like floaties, standup paddles, hammocks, bicycles to explore the surroundings, your chest of funky colorful costumes, and whatever your imagination comes up with…) 🙂
  • A real comfy bed to rest and recover from all the animation, with full nights of sleep, to get yourself ready and in perfect shape for the next day!


Cozy B-Home Joshua Tree

View of Joshua Tree National Park from our B-Van Remi


Campervans are especially coveted for these types of events. As an example, festivals such as Coachella accept only cars, trucks, or vans (no RVs). And with high demand come high value. There is a market here for sure that can bring you a huge investment in return.


If you are interested in building a business on van rentals, you can also check out our article why a camper van is a worthy investment.




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