6 ways a van will elevate your weekends

Calling all weekend warriors!

By now, you’ve heard of Vanlife and seen all the ways it’s gone viral – and perhaps you’ve dreamt of how you’ll be able to experience it too?


We’re very excited to announce we have expanded our offerings at Bemyvan and we’re now officially offering rentals through our partners GoCamp and Outdoorsy! So if you’re new to Vanlife, and want to try before you buy – renting one is the best way to elevate your weekend, get outside, and see what the open road has in store for you. We promise we’ll love what you experience!


Here are 5 ways to elevate your favorite days of the week by renting or owning a B-Van





For the love of the outdoors

Bemyvan exists to get people outside – for the love of the outdoors! We wanted to create a product that allows people to make the most of their time and experience the outdoors as much as possible, in a super-cozy vehicle that feels like a home.


If you ever went camping as a kid, you might still remember the sizzle of trout on the cast iron, or the smell of fresh pine trees and the rushing sound of the creek at night. These memories made in nature not only stick with you but heal you. In a fast-paced society where so many of us are living the 9-5 grind, it’s vital for our mental health to slow things down and appreciate nature. It’s a win-win for all!



Bemyvan winery harvest hosts

Comfort & Safety

Speaking of those days camping as a kid, chances are you slept on hard rocky ground in a tent, in a sleeping bag, and you were content with it. But what if we told you that you can experience the great outdoors in luxury now? Yes, luxury! We’re talking a steaming hot, high-pressure indoor shower, a deluxe kitchen space to cook meals just like mom, and a full-time memory foam bed that’ll allow you to count sheep under the stars. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?


What if we told you you could elevate your weekend even more, with Starlink Internet set-up, for off-grid movie nights in the woods? It’s all possible, and you’ll enjoy it within the safety and comfort of your own compact home on wheels.





Maximize time

We know you work hard! The weekends are your time to unwind, remember you’re not just a worker bee, and feel alive again. When you spend your weekend with the van, you’ll spend less time setting up camp, and more time enjoying actually being at your destination. There’s something truly special about waking up next to the trailhead, rather than jumping in your car at 3am to get there early and set-up camp before traffic hits.


Vanlife allows you to maximize your precious days off, and spend more time doing what you love with the people you love, in the places that bring you back to life.


Dog next to lake Bemyvan B-Home Vanlife

Gear up

Whether hiking, biking, fishing, or canoeing is your thing – your van allows you to bring all the weekend toys you need and still have space for living, entertaining, and cooking on board. You get to diversify your activities so much more – without feeling like you have to compromise on space like you would with a small car and camping gear. Watch as your horizons expand, you might even find a new outdoor hobby you love!


Grow your community

Who says making friends as an adult has to be difficult? With a B-Van, you’re sure to find a community of like-minded adventurers who are open to the same things you are! The Vanlife community has an adventurous spirit, a love for the outdoors, and sharing travel tales.

Sound like someone familiar? We thought so! While solo trips are amazing and growth-filled, there’s something really special about making like-minded friends while traveling.


Digital nomad vanlife community working


Let the van make passive income for you!

Remember how we said we officially have kicked off B-Van rentals? The flip-side, if you’re an owner, is that you can rent out your van on the weekends and roll in the dough. Maybe you’re not up for adventure this weekend or you just want to kick your feet up at home with the family. This is an ideal time to rent out your van on GoCamp or Outdoorsy and enjoy the lucrative profits that come along with it!


Humans of vanlife - Matson - B-Adventure


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a van full-timer, having a B-Van will expand your horizons and introduce you to a whole new way of living!


Check out our available B-Van for rentals!


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