5 Reasons to Rent a Camper Van for Your Adventures

Although it’s been “trendy” for several years, vanlife has officially exploded, enabling millions of travelers to freely explore The Great Outdoors in self-contained accommodations. 


At Bemyvan, we absolutely love to see this. After spending nearly a year traveling the Americas in a converted Skoolie and meeting countless other adventurers, we’ve spent the last few years delivering custom van builds to clients. Now, we’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to rent a camper van! 


Maybe you simply want to rent a camper van for your next road trip or you want to see what vanlife is all about. Or perhaps you’re potentially interested in purchasing your own van and want to spend a few days in one before taking the leap. 


Whatever your personal reason for wanting to rent a camper van, Bemyvan can help you experience camping like never before. 


Reasons to Rent a Camper Van From Bemyvan

A white camper van with its rear door open in the desert


A camper van rental combines transportation and accommodation

You already know that overnighting in a camper van combines the best of the outdoors with cozy amenities. However, it also saves you huge steps logistically and financially. Instead of having to book a rental vehicle and accommodations separately, a camper van acts as both — it’s your rental and your mobile hotel! And, since B-Vans are completely off-grid and self-contained, there’s also no need to reserve campsites ahead of time.


In fact, with dispersed camping legal on most public lands, you don’t need to reserve campsites at all if you prefer not to. Simply park your tiny home on wheels somewhere epic for the night and be just steps away from tomorrow’s adventures. A camper van rental truly gives travelers limitless flexibility! 


B-Vans are functional tiny homes, not typical rental vans

We’ve put a lot of thought into polishing every aspect of our camper van rentals so you don’t have to worry about functionality. B-Vans aren’t just any rental vehicles; they’re tiny homes on four wheels set up to maximize comfort as you explore. Details including a proper shower, spacious European-style kitchen, and onboard Wi-Fi make it equally well-suited for relaxing, adventuring, and working. 



The inside of a B-Van, one of several options if you rent a camper van


See if Vanlife is for you!

If you’re considering transitioning to full-time (or even part-time) vanlife living, rent a camper van as a trial run! From testing out different van layouts to figuring out how to balance travel time with work and even pushing your personal limits to see how long you can stay out on the road, a camper van rental is the optimal low-commitment way to dip your toes into vanlife. 


Built-in work-life balance for digital nomads

Reports project that there were approximately 2.6 million vanlife digital nomads in 2021, a massive 37% increase from the previous year and significantly more than ever before. 


A camper van loaded with modern technology provides a dependable, tranquil working environment no matter where you are. Your desk, complete with integrated wi-fi hotspot, follows you on the road! Pursue freedom, discover new places and experiences, and make money on the road in ways you never could before. It’s all possible with a Bemyvan camper van rental.



A whie can parked at a beach, one of the adventures you can enjoy if you rent a camper van


Utilize our vans for grand expeditions

Journeying to remote corners in your own vehicle can be taxing on both its mileage and overall condition. If you rent a camper van, though, you can adventure in it, enjoy it, then return it — no stress involved!


We encourage the grand, extended journeys (remember, our founders’ maiden voyage was all the way to Patagonia!). B-Vans are designed specifically for adventure!


Rent your B-Van today on Outdoorsy!

We are beyond excited to share our B-Vans with you, whether it’s an occasional weekend or a multiple-months-long expedition. Discover new national parks, stray off the beaten path, and relish in natural experiences. For your next adventure, rent one of our camper vans, Remi or Hazel. Contact us for more info!



Safe travels and see you on the road!


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